Exclusively for IX & X CBSE – Maths & Science

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Mathsindia is a part of  “Sri Vinayaga Edutainers” established in the year 2015 for the school students & maths lovers and science inspirers to attain their higher standard in maths & science.

Mathsindia has stepped ahead and started the Foundation course for IIT-JEE and NEET since 2017.

It is worldwide proved that Indian Educational System has a unique technique for calculations based on basic sutras (principles) which have been framed based on how our human brain works. It has been penetrated through all major parts of mathematic concepts viz., basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry etc.

The need of these techniques is to feel maths simpler as it is. This system emphasize that maths is not a separate subject and it is just a tool designed for every other subject, that’s why maths is called as “Queen of Science”.

In today’s school curriculum, some students feel maths as their favorite enemy, but that’s not true, Maths could be everyone’s best friend if is taught as per our ancient system of calculations.

Thus “mathsindia” is marching on to bring back the Indian maths concepts from basics. The art of calculating maths in mind would increase accuracy and reduce the time of calculating tremendously.